screenshot: ComicBook™ viewing Superman 707

ComicBook™ is a fully-featured viewer for digital comic books (.cbr and .cbz files). ComicBook™ opens your comics the best way for them to be enjoyed.

Unlike other readers that treat a comic book file like a zip containing a bunch of jpegs, ComicBook™ pays attention to the whole comic reading experience as a whole. ComicBook™ will intelligently scan a file, determine if an image to be shown is a double-wide spread, and display it appropriately.

ComicBook™ is still in development, and new features are being added all the time.


  • Intelligent Side-By-Side mode
  • Integrated Zoom Magnifying Lens
  • Turn pages via scrolling, keyboard, or forward/back mouse buttons
  • Best Fit, Height-constrained, or Width-constrained display modes
  • Nudge advances a single page, even in Side-By-Side mode, to ensure you can always view a two-page spread properly
  • Page-Align ensures all pages are the same height

To Do:

  • optimize page-caching
  • add scroll-bars, similar to safari on iphone
  • user-customizability (zoom button, next/prev button)
  • increase maximum side-by-side pages
  • add ability to create/edit metadata (comic title, artist, editor, volume, issue, next issue, etc.)
  • manage library of comic books